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Getting Straight Adult Teeth Is Now Faster and More Affordable

Posted by Brandon Miyasaki on Jun 27, 2017 3:03:06 PM

Have your teeth shifted over the years? Maybe you once had braces and "forgot" to wear your retainers? As a leader in cosmetic dentistry in Sacramento, patients are always asking us how to get straight teeth. Miyasaki Dental has a couple solutions to get those straight teeth you have always wanted.

The photo (above) is a patient's Cfast case that took under 6 months from start to finish and is a much more affordable and discreet option compared to your traditional "train track" braces. But before we jump into the treatment, let's go over some of the health benefits of having straight teeth.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

  • Crowded and overlapping teeth make it harder for your toothbrush’s bristles to reach those tiny spots between teeth where bacteria collects. Food particles can also get trapped between teeth, and flossing gets harder when teeth overlap. Ever had to force your floss between teeth because of overcrowding? 
  • Crooked teeth usually come together unevenly when you bite and chew. This can impact your ability to chew your food and even lead to problems with digestion.
  • Uneven teeth can protrude into the mouth’s soft tissues (think the inside of your cheeks and lips) and cause discomfort. Over time this can lead to cuts and sores, or even infections.
  • Crooked teeth can be quite the headache – literally. Because irregular teeth wear unevenly on your jaw, the pressure can lead to chronic problems including jaw strain and headaches.
  • A twisted smile can lead to twisted speech! Tooth irregularities can be the culprit of several speech impediments, which can harm self-esteem and lead to poor performance in school or at work.

So what two primary treatment options do we offer at Miyasaki Dental? You have probably heard of Invisalign which is a clear tray aligner system that can get you straight teeth without any wires or brackets. We also have a system called Cfast, which stands for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth. 

Cfast uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires so it is very discreet. The treatment works much like those using clear aligners like Invisalign, but tooth movement is much more predictable and usually completed in half the time. It is also more affordable than most orthodontic alternatives which gives you something else to smile about. 

So whether you’re looking for Invisalign or Cfast, both options will transform your smile and can get you ready for other cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.

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Misconceptions About Porcelain Veneers

Posted by Brandon Miyasaki on May 22, 2017 3:54:53 PM
Are you looking to get that "perfect" hollywood smile? Like many of our Sacramento patients, you have probably experienced decay, excessive wear, discoloration, and shifting of the teeth. So what makes porcelain veneers so popular and are they right for you? We're here to break down the facts and uncover the common misconceptions.
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4 Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Posted by Brandon Miyasaki on Mar 16, 2017 3:29:10 PM

Tooth loss can be caused by many ailments like gum disease, tooth decay, or trauma. When a tooth is lost, the alveolar bone which helped support the tooth will begin to atrophie and bone loss begins to occur. Not only can you lose bone, but your teeth may shift around and you can experience bite problems and jaw pain.

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7 Causes for Dark & Stained Teeth

Posted by Brandon Miyasaki on Feb 21, 2017 10:18:26 AM

In the field of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a leading topic of discussion for patients seeking that "hollywood" white smile.  Not only does being able to show the world your pearly whites give you more self-confidence, but it projects an outward appearance of healthiness that attracts others and a number of other benefits.  

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3 Reasons to Visit a General Dentist

Posted by Brandon Miyasaki on Feb 14, 2017 11:33:49 AM

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Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Effective?

Posted by Brandon Miyasaki on Jan 18, 2017 7:10:16 PM

In the field of cosmetic dentistry, patients are always asking how to get whiter teeth.  Home teeth whitening kits have increased in popularity as more and more people aim for that "Hollywood" white smile.  But often it leaves patients asking two questions...

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