Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki graduated from the University of the Southern California School of Dentistry in 1987 and has maintained a practice focusing on comprehensive, minimally invasive aesthetic restorative dentistry and function.

With many years of clinical and teaching experience, Dr. Miyasaki has established himself as a leading dentistry figure and continues educating his peers and patients to provide the optimal patient experience. His numerous accolades are a testament to his dedication, and Sacramento Magazine announced Miyasaki Dental as a “Top Dentist” and “The Face of Lifetime Dental Health” in 2022.


Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Dr. Miyasaki has enjoyed an extensive career in dentistry and has shared many experiences with some of the most brilliant dentists in the world. He has served as an editor-in-chief of a dental magazine and has participated at an executive level with many dental companies.

In the 30+ years that Dr. Miyasaki has been in practice, he has utilized several techniques and technologies. With endodontics, Dr. Miyasaki states that ease of use, versatility, canal navigation, shaping with tooth preservation, retention of tooth structure/strength, cost, and success are all critical.


Dr. Miyasaki credits his mentors and his family for their inspiration. His father was a dentist in the Navy and then in practice for several decades. Dr. Miyasaki’s beloved wife worked with him throughout his career, and his two sons have been active contributors to his successful practice. His daughter is also becoming a dentist, and he feels very fortunate to be surrounded by his wonderful family, who are passionate about the dental field.

Dr. Miyasaki loves his patients and finds them the most satisfying aspect of his career. The next most enjoyable aspect is the growth we see in our employees and the progressive nature of our practice to help our patients optimize their health and appearance for decades. Being able to improve other’s lives daily brings him great pride.

Importance of Patient Relations

The team at Miyasaki Dental is focused on relationships, so after a comprehensive examination, we design treatment plans with the patient’s involvement after we explain the condition of their oral health and the options we may offer.

Secret to Success

Dr. Miyasaki explains that the key to success is “improving and adapting.” The dental profession is changing, and the opportunities are so exciting. He points out how important it is to have the right team.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Miyasaki loves spending time with family in his little spare time. He enjoys traveling with family both domestically and internationally. On weekends, he enjoys fine wine and food with his wife and family, often in the great outdoors.

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