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We are excited to offer OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners as a convenient alternative to traditional braces at our practice, Miyasaki Dental. OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners are removable, transparent, and made of a 3-layer polymer that’s more efficient and comfortable than metal braces.

Dr. Miyasaki will deliver a personalized aligner system that gently moves your teeth into position over time. These clear aligners fit over your teeth perfectly, applying gentle pressure on each tooth to gradually straighten them over time. The aligners are shipped directly to you; you’ll switch your old aligner with a new one each week. It’s that simple.

Every treatment plan also includes a retainer to help ensure your teeth stay in place after completing your treatment. The retainers are made from a special material that gives your teeth a natural white color without harsh chemicals.

OrthoFX™ teeth aligners are:

  • Comfortable – Made with three layers, each aligner has an extra layer for added comfort.
  • Invisible – Their refractive surface makes them very hard to spot.
  • Stain Resistant – The solid external polyester layer resists stains.

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What Can OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners Correct?


When your front upper teeth significantly cover your lower teeth, you’re at higher risk for injury, pain while chewing, and speech problems. While many people have some degree of an overbite, some are more serious than others and will need to be corrected with orthodontics.


An underbite can cause problems with chewing and digestion; an underbite can also increase wear and tear on your front teeth.


Misaligned teeth can cause pain and increase the likelihood of tooth decay. A crossbite is not aesthetically pleasing, and many people with a crossbite will want this smile flaw corrected with orthodontics.

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth can cause pockets between the teeth and gums where food gets stuck, causing sore and tender gums and potential gum disease.

Open Bite

An open bite can cause problems chewing, increased wear and tear on back teeth, and speech problems.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are difficult to brush and floss. Plaque accumulation in inaccessible areas can cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, and bone loss.


Thorough Care & Education: A Dental Experience Like No Other

I’ve never had such thorough care as a new patient! They took such great interest in my history and gave me a comprehensive exam. The whole time they were educating me on what they were looking for and what they found. I even learned something new about the way my jaw works, which no dentist has ever shared with me before. They were warm, caring and very thorough. I have a history of dental issues and I feel confident that they can work with my existing treatments and keep me in tip top shape. Thank you!

Emily N.

For those of you who do not like going to the dentist for any reason, may I suggest going to the office of Dr.miyasaki DDS. They are the kindest most gentle and professional dentistry available! Hands-down!! Big smiles!

Michael C.

The office is beautiful and comforting. Easy locatin and lots of free and metered parking. The staff is very welcoming and offered refreshments while I waited. Dr. Miyasaki is professional, knowledgeable, kind and personable. I felt comfortable with him immediately.

Joell R.

For your cleaning and special care, Miyasaki is the best. Dr. Mike and his associates are gentle and take the time to explain the process. Good care and excellent veneers, implants, fillings. I bought whitening strips that are professional grade. Really nice and thorough staff.

Wendy J.

Benefits of OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners

In addition to a beautifully straight smile, you will enjoy other benefits of OrthoFX™.

  • These clear aligners are more affordable than other clear aligners, including Invisalign®.
  • The treatment time is often less than it is with other clear aligners
  • No one will know you’re wearing them unless you tell them
  • They are much more comfortable to wear than other clear aligners due to the materials they’re made of
  • Your next set of aligners will be sent right to your residence, allowing you to spend less time coming into the office for your next stage in the teeth-straightening process
  • You only wear these clear aligners at night for 9-12 hours
  • You get a set of trial aligners that don’t move your teeth so that you can see how they feel in your mouth; no other aligner system offers a trial kit

We proudly provide the latest in orthodontics at Miyasaki Dental.

Please read more about clear aligners on our OrthoFX™ page.

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Learn More About OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners

Please contact Miyasaki Dental in Sacramento, CA, by calling (916) 442-8911. We will schedule you for an OrthoFX® consultation and answer any questions you may have. You may also fill out our online contact form, and one of our orthodontics team members will reach out soon to assist you.

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